7 Jul 2008

Having done tetris last week, I got a number of suggestions for improvements in the comments. Whilst I don’t rule out tackling them at some point, I had an itch to do something different. So I started the next project. Admittedly, this one has taken quiet a bit more time to do and it isn’t a finished end-to-end game like tetris is. But still, the concept is there and I could spend some more time on it or I could start the next project.

So, for still no reason in particular, I present to you JavaScript Mario. Enjoy.

30 Jun 2008

Thanks to spending a few hours first watching Jay-Z at Glastonbury and then the 5-set epic that was the Murray-Gasquet match at Wimbledon today, I have found myself sat in front of the laptop hacking away at a little project that came to mind late last week.

I’m sure it has been done many time before, but as I’ve said before, reinventing the wheel can be quite fun sometimes.

So, for no reason in particular, I present to you JavaScript Tetris. Enjoy.