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6 Nov 2008
  • Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » The Internet of Arduino – The arduino ethernet shield is announced. I have been playing with this for a few months now – lots of potential uses.
  • Star Wars ABC: A is for Ackbar – "Illustrator Michael Fleming has drawn a wonderful kid-friendly alphabet using characters from the Star Wars universe."
  • Multicolr Search Lab – Idée Inc. – Search for CC photos on flickr based on colours.
  • Charlie’s Diary: On finishing – "Creativity is a weird thing. You can plod along a steep uphill road for months, or it can hit you like an express train. I've learned to go with the flow when this happens: if a story wants to escape it's best to let it out, to go with the flow and worry about cleaning up the schedule afterwards."

    Charlie gives an insight into what its like to finish writing a novel. Even if it is 18months early.

  • BBC Common Platform: From my notebook – "Rights" is often used as the reason the BBC struggles to be more open with its content. As a part of his Common platform work, Steve points out that "there are other obstacles to sharing—many in fact. This chart is a first attempt at capturing all the reasons the BBC might come up with for not opening up…"
8 Oct 2008
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