Little Moo has delivered

Little Moo, the print robot of has delivered. As previously blogged, I ordered my free sample of moo-cards 10 days ago and they arrived today.

Little Moo delivers - the packaging

The cards arrived in a nice compact holder with a tear-drop hole in the front. This provides a great way to slide cards out with your thumb. The holder itself was gum-attached to a cool Moo postcard that I’ll be sure to add to my postcard-wall at work.

Little Moo delivers - my free cards

The problem with ordering 10 cards is that you have to be very selective of the photos you pick. As I mentioned in the last post, the Moo website has a great interface for doing this. I ended up going for a random collection of my photos - but I did pick a couple out that favoured the long and thin shape of the cards.

Little Moo delivers - flight tag

The cards came with a luggage-tag-esque card for my order; a nice way to include the order number with the delivery. I wonder if I could quote the number to Moo and get the order repeated - assuming it wasn’t one of the free 10-card packs.

One piece of feedback I have for Moo is to be careful in their escaping of characters on the tag. Its amazing how often I find myself called Mr O'Leary.