3 Oct 2006

Little Moo, the print robot of Moo.com has delivered. As previously blogged, I ordered my free sample of moo-cards 10 days ago and they arrived today.

Little Moo delivers - the packaging

The cards arrived in a nice compact holder with a tear-drop hole in the front. This provides a great way to slide cards out with your thumb. The holder itself was gum-attached to a cool Moo postcard that I’ll be sure to add to my postcard-wall at work.

Little Moo delivers - my free cards

The problem with ordering 10 cards is that you have to be very selective of the photos you pick. As I mentioned in the last post, the Moo website has a great interface for doing this. I ended up going for a random collection of my photos – but I did pick a couple out that favoured the long and thin shape of the cards.

Little Moo delivers - flight tag

The cards came with a luggage-tag-esque card for my order; a nice way to include the order number with the delivery. I wonder if I could quote the number to Moo and get the order repeated – assuming it wasn’t one of the free 10-card packs.

One piece of feedback I have for Moo is to be careful in their escaping of characters on the tag. Its amazing how often I find myself called Mr O\’Leary.

  1. andypOctober 15, 2006

    I couldn’t wait before ordering my 100 once I’d got the free 10, and I’m getting through them at a fair rate.

    I’ve heard various people comment on the character sets issue. Some people have put beautiful characters like hearts in the text on the back of the cards (their Flickr names include them), and have had them converted to other ASCII chars which don’t look half so nice. So although the UI for choosing the cards is great, the text side of things clearly needs some improvement.

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