Canon PowerShot S3 IS

I’ve been wanting a new camera for a while now. My old one, a PowerShot S45, has served me well over the past 4 years, but it had started to show its age.

Having played with Roo’s PowerShot S2 IS, I’ve had its successor, the S3 on my Amazon wishlist for a few months now.

With my Honeymoon fast approaching, I decided last week to go ahead and buy it - it didn’t hurt that Jo said it would be my wedding/birthday/christmas present from her!

It arrived today along with some rechargable batteries and a slightly paltry 16Mb SD card - there are 2x 512Mb SD cards in the post.

I’m not going to do a full review of the camera here - read the one linked to above if you are interested. The only feature I feel the need to really show-off is the Super Macro mode. This enables the camera to focus at 0mm - ie objects touching the lense.

By way of comparison, check out these two photos of a spider who has been living on my window for the past couple months. The left-hand image was taken with Jo’s new IXUS 60, the right-hand image with my new toy. The crispness of S3’s image is astounding.

Spider - IXUS60Spider - S3IS

For some reason, macro photos of spiders seems to be the photo of choice recently.