5 Years, 2 Months

Today, after 5 (and a bit) years, I said goodbye to IBM System & Technologies Group. I wasn’t at all sure what today would be like - I have experienced plenty of other people leave; the obligitory leaving presentation by the manager, the traditional drinks at the Dolphin and the card signed by everyone our secretary could badger. But it all went well in the end.

As this is the first full-time job I’ve had since leaving university, the thought of coming into work after my honeymoon to a completely new job in a new part of Hursley is simply weird.

I have made many great friends in the Storage group and have really enjoyed working on the SAN Volume Controller. I’m sure I will be back to visit there - a lunchtime without a crossword just wouldn’t be the same.

So, as of November 27th, I am an employee of IBM Software Group in the Pervasive and Advanced Messaging team. I’ll work out what that actually means when I get there.

As careful readers will have spotted, I’m off on my honeymoon on Monday, which gives away the fact that I am getting married on Saturday. More on this in the near future (if last minute organisation/panics allow).

Just call me Nick “one-major-life-event-at-a-time-isn’t-enough” O’Leary.