Windows Live Mail

Neil’s Hotmail Haiku reminded me to log into Hotmail to keep my id alive. I’m close to abandoning Hotmail altogether - I don’t use the email address for anything other than as a spam hole and enough of my contacts are on gtalk these days.

Once logged in, I was given the opportunity to use Windows Live Mail. Out of interest, I clicked through the registration process to see what its like. Having got to the end, it told me I would be able to access it within the next two weeks. Oh well, I thought. I then went back to hotmail, only to find I could access it already.

Well, not quite - here’s the message I got when I logged in:


Unsurprisingly, you need IE6.0 at least to make full use of Windows Live Mail - with a nice link to the IE homepage. Oh, apparently the full version also works with Firefox 1.5 - no link to the firefox page though.

I say apparently, because, you’ve guessed it, I am using Firefox 1.5.

I’m that bit closer to abandoning Hotmail altogether.