Jobs on Music

Steve Jobs has posted some thoughts on DRM. He highlights many of the issues with DRM and considers some of the possible future directions Apple could take.

He makes the very good point that over 90% of the music sold by the companies last year was DRM-free; by virtue of being sold on unencumbered CDs. Sure the labels have tried out DRM-laden CDs, but it’s not always worked out well - yes Sony, I’m looking at you.

Whilst its good to read what Apple’s position is on a DRM-free future, I felt it lacked any mention of what Apple is doing about it.

Perhaps those unhappy with the current situation should redirect their energies towards persuading the music companies to sell their music DRM-free.

Its not clear whether Apple is one of those unhappy people with energies needing direction.

It seems to me that they do what the “Big Four” record companies require in order to distribute music and they won’t do anything to rock that lucrative boat.


Engadge and Wired provide some thoughts on the subject. I had missed the link to the EU’s calls for Apple to open up iTunes.

Also, note the irony that this has been published the day after Apple and Apple have settled their legal dispute.

Update again, nice post by Jono on the subject.