29 Apr 2007

I blame Roo. Having had a look at some of his Perplex City cards last week, today I went and got some of my own from Season 2.

Here are today’s stats:

  • 3 packs bought – initially I bought 2, but when Jo went back to the till to buy another book, I added another pack.
  • 18 puzzle cards and 3 ‘warm-up’ sudoku and hitori cards.
  • 15 cards solved – particularly pleased with #161.
  • 4320 points gained.
  • Ranked 1124 at the time of writing.
  • Close to solving the 16th card (#164) – I know the reference, just not sure how to get an answer to fit.
  • Unsure where to begin with the 17th card (#235).
  • 18th card available for swaps (#004).

This is an addiction. I am an addict. I need more cards.

[ update: for a list of my available swaps, check out the list. ]

  1. Roo ReynoldsApril 30, 2007

    I’m delighted to have created another addict. Rachel and I spent most of the weekend working through puzzle cards. 🙂

  2. nolApril 30, 2007

    All 17 cards now solved: Points: 5865 Rank: 1131. Now I need to buy lots more… 🙂

    [update] – odd, an hour later and I’m rank 1000. Wonder what happened to the 131 people above me…?

  3. Roo ReynoldsMay 1, 2007

    The ranking seems to be calculated regularly and cached, so it’s not always up to date.

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