Pure Evoke-1S

Pure Evoke-1S

Jo and I didn’t do a good job of buying each other Christmas presents last year, so we agreed to by ourselves a joint something or other. We soon settled on a digital radio for the newly refurbished kitchen.

Before rushing out to buy one, we borrowed one from my parents so we could see if the reception in our kitchen was good enough. They have no reception where they are in Devon so weren’t doing much with it.

When I first tried it a couple weeks ago all I seemed to get was Hampshire Radio. That was good enough for some background music whilst cooking, but didn’t offer quite the range of stations we wanted. What it did prove was how often we would listen to the radio if it worked.

This morning I moved the radio to the window sill in the kitchen and suddenly found it could receive all the stations we could possibly want. With that discovery, we headed into town to finally buy our present; only a month and a bit late.

We had already picked out the one we wanted; the Pure range of radios have always caught my eye as objects with some style and the Evoke-1S is the perfect radio to have in the kitchen. The only short coming is the single speaker; the mono-sound was noticeable after the stereo of my parent’s borrowed radio. However, Pure do sell an optional added speaker that we held off from buying initially, but will be getting the next time we’re in town.