A new home

As the server hosting this blog is soon to disappear, I have been migrating the site to a new host. With any luck, the fact you are reading this post means the DNS updates have happened and the new host is live.

For those visiting the site rather than subscribed to the feed, you’ll notice a return to the default theme around here. The knolleary theme was hand-crafted for an old version of Wordpress and with the move of host I’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade to the newly released Wordpress 2.5 as well. I will update the theme sometime soon.

[update] after a slighty bumpy day of email back-and-forth with my new hosting company, I think we’re up and running. Still a few broken links; my uploads directory seems to have moved so a handful of posts are missing images, and I haven’t got my planet installed and running on the new server.

Also, just discover a problem with writing posts with links in them; Roo hit this with his blog and is something to do with a mod_security setting. Here we go with some more email tennis wih support…

[update2] it should now let me post html.