Three things: Linux, Vegetables and swohoa

It has been a bit quiet around here recently, which is not to say I haven’t been up to stuff.

Last week I was involved with an event at work for ‘showing off’ interesting things around linux. I was signed up to demo the N800 internet tablet, but I stretched the definition a bit and had my arduinos out as well. Ian took some photos of the event. Here you can see talking to someone about the arduino’s whilst James plays with the Wiimote paired with my N800 and here you can see my rather hastily built custom Wii Sensor bar. I’m glad I had my box of arduino bits with that morning, otherwise I would have been stuck! For more on what else was going on, check out Graham’s write-up of the event.

Veg Beds

A couple weekends ago, we finally got the veg beds planted. Click through to flickr for a very well annotated list of what we planted. Sadly, last night the neighbour’s blasted cat dug up half our carrot seedlings. I’ve laid out some temporary netting and this weekend I’ll be building a better cat trap defense.

The third thing I wanted to mention was the Super Secret Side project that Roo and I have been hacking on for the last week:

This is an idea that has been bouncing around between us for years - but only now have we done something about it. It is essentially a (growing) collection of the most pun-tastic jokes out there for all to share. After a fairly frantic week of hacking in the evenings, we managed to coax together enough of a site to reveal it today. We still have plenty of features to add, so keep an eye out for updates.