22 Jun 2008

Russell Davies

Yesterday was the awesome Interesting2008 organised by Russell Davies. Roo had told me all about last year’s Interesting2007, so I was very much look forward to it – and I wasn’t disappointed.

The talks covered a diverse range of subjects and they were all interesting – as you would hope for such an event. Here are some of my highlights of the day.

Roo Reynolds

Roo opened with 3 minutes on Lego. With 30 slides playing through behind him, he even remembered to breathe. A great start to the day. Roo has now posted his slides with audio on slideshare.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson gave us tour through the history of guitar music and graphic design. Was this just an excuse to play Jimi Hendrix on a stage in front of 300 people?

Matt Dent

Matt Dent spoke about the new coin designs he did. Fascinating insight to the amount of detail that goes into this type of thing.

Lloyd Davis

Lloyd Davis played the ukulele and then helped the whole room meditate and bring the mountain within. And relax.

Anna Pickard

Anna Pickard just about kept a straight face whilst talking about unintentionally funny words. I was most pleased to see Plinth on the list.

Andrew Walkingshaw

Andrew Walkingshaw explained why naming things is hard.

Jim Le Fevre

Jim Le Fevre amazed us all by showing off his turntable-based zoetrope. I could have watched this for hours. Definitely something to play with in the future. Update: Russell has linked to a YouTube video of this stuff – amazing.

Russell did a great job of organising the day – I’m very much looking forward to Interesting2009.

Russell Davies

  1. DarrenJune 22, 2008

    Sounds like fun, I wonder if we could try and organise something in this kind of format for a session during the next Hursley HTX type event? It wouldn’t be as good, but I’m sure there are people who could talk about a whole load of crazy things in 3 minutes from Hursley.

  2. nickJune 22, 2008

    Darren, it certainly was a lot of fun.

    We had much the same idea yesterday – an event that has little technical relevance to our day jobs, but is full of interesting talks about anything and everything.

  3. DarrenJune 23, 2008

    I think it’d be great and something different from all the things we already have. I think people are just a little bit bored of some of the regular events we have, no matter how good they might be. If there’s a few people interested in doing something, I’d definitely like to help.

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