Russell Davies

Yesterday was the awesome Interesting2008 organised by Russell Davies. Roo had told me all about last year’s Interesting2007, so I was very much look forward to it - and I wasn’t disappointed.

The talks covered a diverse range of subjects and they were all interesting - as you would hope for such an event. Here are some of my highlights of the day.

Roo Reynolds

Roo opened with 3 minutes on Lego. With 30 slides playing through behind him, he even remembered to breathe. A great start to the day. Roo has now posted his slides with audio on slideshare.

[![Michael Johnson](]( "Michael Johnson by nol, on Flickr") [Michael Johnson]( gave us tour through the history of guitar music and graphic design. Was this just an excuse to play Jimi Hendrix on a stage in front of 300 people? [![Matt Dent](]( "Matt Dent by nol, on Flickr") [Matt Dent]( spoke about the new coin designs he did. Fascinating insight to the amount of detail that goes into this type of thing. [![Lloyd Davis](]( "Lloyd Davis by nol, on Flickr") [Lloyd Davis]( played the ukulele and then helped the whole room meditate and bring the mountain within. And relax. [![Anna Pickard](]( "Anna Pickard by nol, on Flickr") [Anna Pickard]( just about kept a straight face whilst talking about unintentionally funny words. I was most pleased to see Plinth on the list. [![Andrew Walkingshaw](]( "Andrew Walkingshaw by nol, on Flickr") [Andrew Walkingshaw]( explained why naming things is hard. [![Jim Le Fevre](]( "Jim Le Fevre by nol, on Flickr") [Jim Le Fevre]( amazed us all by showing off his turntable-based zoetrope. I could have watched this for hours. Definitely something to play with in the future. _Update:_ [Russell]( has linked to a YouTube video of this stuff - amazing. Russell did a great job of organising the day - I'm very much looking forward to Interesting2009. [![Russell Davies](]( "Russell Davies by nol, on Flickr")