30 Jun 2008

Thanks to spending a few hours first watching Jay-Z at Glastonbury and then the 5-set epic that was the Murray-Gasquet match at Wimbledon today, I have found myself sat in front of the laptop hacking away at a little project that came to mind late last week.

I’m sure it has been done many time before, but as I’ve said before, reinventing the wheel can be quite fun sometimes.

So, for no reason in particular, I present to you JavaScript Tetris. Enjoy.

  1. Andy PiperJune 30, 2008

    LOL…. don’t try to play this when you’ve got “search for text when I start typing” selected in Firefox Advanced Options :^)

  2. Andy PiperJune 30, 2008

    Gah. 6225.

    So the issues are:
    – no visibility of next shape
    – the key input isn’t responsive enough so I can’t tuck a shape into / under another one at the last minute. Not your fault, I’m sure.

  3. Dave Nice • July 1, 2008

    Nice work, Nick!!! Not much code, either. I’m impressed 🙂

  4. DarrenJuly 1, 2008

    Tsh some people are never happy Andy! 🙂

    This is great, you’ve done it so quickly too. What did you think of Jay-Z? I loved the opening he did, coming on doing Wonderwall gave me a massive smile.

  5. nickJuly 1, 2008

    Thanks guys.

    @andy – I decided to save the next shape preview for version 2… whenever that happens.

    @dave – it could be smaller, I just got a bit lazy towards the end 🙂

    @darren – Jay-Z was great. Wonderwall is a great start – albeit without his mike turned on.

  6. noj • July 1, 2008


    Great fun. Would it be possible to make ‘up’ drop the piece straight down to the bottom of the screen. I’m not sure if this was in original tetris, but it does seem to be in the newer versions.

  7. nickJuly 1, 2008

    @noj – added to the list, thanks.

  8. RooJuly 2, 2008

    This is really good.

    While we’re adding feature requests.. isn’t the scoring in Tetris (and Tetris-like games) supposed to favour getting multiple lines at once?

  9. nickJuly 2, 2008

    @roo – I got as far as giving different values to the pieces for landing them (no idea if the relative scores tally with what the real game does), but left the scores for completing lines as a simple multiple, rather than exponential.

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