7 Jul 2008

Roo and I presented at Open Tech 2008 this weekend on the Current Cost hacking that has been going on in these parts. It was my first time presenting to quite such a large audience and all things considered, it was a lot of fun and went very well.

Although I took some notes through the day of the other talks I went to, Roo has done a much better write-up than I would. So I’ll point you his way.

  1. Dan Rumney • July 7, 2008

    Hey Nick,

    Do you know of any CurrentCost equivalents available in the US?

  2. nickJuly 7, 2008

    Hi Dan,

    good question – I’ve not come across anything that is specifically for use in the US but I’m sure they must exist.

    Not sure if you could just a use currentcost over there; I suspect it makes an assumption about the voltage whilst making its calculations.

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  4. Paul • July 11, 2008

    Nick –

    Very cool ideas — and brilliant use for an Arduino Ethernet Shield. Do you know when it will be available? I’d love to get my hands on one!

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