3 Sep 2008

I’m going to say it up front – I did not intend this to be a blog post about blogging, but I think that is the way it is going.

I don’t write as often as I would like. I think I have set the bar too high in my mind in terms of what I should and shouldn’t write here. I have all manner of ideas for posts, but they never seem to make their way onto the proverbial paper.

I get very self-critical about anything I write. In fact, its taken me about 10minutes to get this far – just over 100 words. I often ask myself why I’m like this. I think it is because I want every post to be a good one. I want anyone reading this blog to read one entry and feel like it is worth reading more.

I need to get over this. I need to find my own style and stop trying to produce the perfect post every time. I need to recognise that finding my own style does not, and will not, happen overnight. I need to not be afraid of getting it wrong.

Now, I could just delete what I have written here and carry on with my life. I could save it as a draft to keep it around as a reminder of these things. Or, I could publish it to the world and really mean it.

Publishing it means I’ve got to think of a suitable title – do I go for my favoured wry sense of humour or a more obvious statement of the content. Give me 10 minutes and I’m sure something will come to mind.

  1. minifigSeptember 4, 2008

    I know the feeling. The fact is though, that although journalists like to cast blogging as a facet of journalism, I find it’s a lot more useful as a facet of ‘being a bit more social’. Rather than keeping the stuff you want to say cooped up in your head, or waiting for it to crop up in conversation with friends, you can pour it out into a blog post and see what happens. I have a lot more real-world discussions about blog posts that I’ve written than I have comment-conversations.

    And, well, I enjoy your blog, and the more you write it the better imho.

  2. James TaylorSeptember 4, 2008

    I think this ‘style’ you refer to has eluded me! I try not to read old posts too often because they have e tendancy to make my skin crawl, but that’s what was in my head at the time (more or less) so I accept them.

    I think I might have the opposite problem to you on titles. I have a list of drafts with a titles but nothing else! Jo was berating me for my recent choice of topics and told me that the ‘Quantum kettle’ post sounded my more interesting… unfortunately I have absolutely no clue what that was going to be about!

  3. JoeSeptember 4, 2008

    You have given words to my own frustrations—I couldn’t agree more. Except for the split infinitive; I would have re-written that. [Oh dear—I have it bad.]

  4. Adrian McEwenSeptember 8, 2008

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who spends forever struggling to write blog posts. If you ever work out what the solution make sure you don’t keep it to yourself!

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