The End is Nigh

Do not mistake the title of this post as one by Robert Peston.

Today marks the end of a fairly intense period at work. As I write this, the final build is being tested ready for its release later in the year. It has been a particularly tough few months getting to this point, so much so that I have rarely touched my laptop outside of work.

The other big drain on my time has been the redecorating of our living room and dining room. Having started the work in February, and going at a somewhat leisurely pace, the new carpets finally arrive next Wednesday. With just this weekend of finishing touches to go, soon I won’t have to face any sanding, glossing, plastering, wiring, painting or building again. Until we start redoing the bathroom of course.

This means all of those projects that I’ve been badly neglecting will soon get dusted off and start moving forward.

So, although the End is Nigh, the Beginning is right around the corner.