Playful:Game Design London

I saw Roo twitter about Playful a while ago and thought it looked like fun. Then I realised that as it was on a Friday there was next to no chance that I would be able to go. Then I realised I’m on holiday that week - not a going-away holiday, but a not-at-work holiday. Then I realised my Sister-in-law is coming down from Norfolk on that Friday to stay with us over the weekend. Then I realised we’re going up to London to meet her on the Friday. Then I realised that would involve a long day shopping in London with my wife and Sister-in-law and possible a trip to see Mamma Mia!\*

Then I realised I have a wonderful wife.

Then I realised this all means I probably get to act as a roadie for Roo’s one-man (rock) band.

Then I realised I had over-used a certain linguistic technique.

(In case you don’t get it… I’m going to Playful)


The ‘!’ is part of the name; it in no way signifies any excitement on my part.