30 Nov 2008

Today was the first homecamp – “an unconference about using technology to monitor and automate the home for greener resource use and to save costs”.

Whilst I hadn’t entirely planned to, I found myself stood up front leading a couple sessions; one on what I’ve been doing with arduino and one a brief overview of what MQTT is.

As the wireless was only staying up for 30 minutes at a time, my arduino talk is split over a couple UStream videos. I come in at about 22:40 of this first one…

…and the rest is here with only a small gap missing between them.

Here’s the brief piece I did on all things MQTT, RSMB and MicroBroker. You should listen to Chris talk about his SketchUp plugin for Pachube at the start of the video, or you can skip to me at 14:20.

The rest of the videos are worth watching – they can be found on the homecamp ustream page.

Here are the slides I was using for the arduino talk. I will add some notes to them over the next couple days, so be sure to check back on slideshare.

One other contribution I made to the day was winning the race to respond to Andy’s request for a homecamp logo. You can see my effort at the top of this post as well as on the official homecamp friendfeed room. Since then, @ribot has produced this decidedly more shiny one.

Today was a lot of fun with plenty of interesting and inspiring conversations. A big thank you and well done to Chris and Dale for putting this together so quickly. I look forward to HomeCamp ’09.

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  3. Rob veckNovember 30, 2008

    If you want to get a Utilita smart meter installed (for both gas and electric) but stay with your current suppliers, here is what you need to say to the person at the call centre (since they won’t have a clue what you are talking about) – note this info has been provided by my nephew who works for Utilita :-

    “N-power may well not support our metering, however under market de-regulation you have the right to choose which kind of meter you have installed (just as you have the right to own your own meters).

    You can inform them that you are going to arrange for an independent meter operator (or MOP) authorized to work on the SSE network [SSE physically own the cables running to your property and anyone installing meters must have their authorization to work on the network and have passed SSE’s qualifications to work on the network] to install a meter on your behalf and [to get things moving] tell them that you will become the Meter Asset Provider [or MAP]. You have every right to arrange this and if they are not co-operative explain that you will take your case to energywatch.

    A couple of responses you may receive are:

    Only business customers can do this. False! This was opened to domestic customers in 2005
    You will be charged more for this. False! If anything it should cost you less as you will no longer need to rent the meter
    We don’t have a contract in place with UMOL True! Please contact Jim Garrett, Ops Manager on 01962 891188 / 07917734077 / 07501494569 who agrees to arrange this
    You will need to find another supplier that supports the meter False! You still want N-Power to supply you, confirm they are refusing to allow you to own your own meter [you can then go to energywatch

    How to get the process done:

    Ask them to appoint UMOL as the Meter Operator (also known as MOP). When the agent appointment is completed they will need to send a D0142 to UMOL requesting the meter is installed. When the meter is installed the details will be reported to them as normal.

    I am interested to see what they say!”

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