Paper Graphs

With PaperCamp happening tomorrow, alongside BookCamp, I have spent some time this week thinking about paper.

The thought that caught my interest was how graphs can be represented with paper - not on paper, but with paper.

To cut a rambling story short, I’ve written a tool that takes a set of pie-chart data and produces a series of outlines that can be cut out and assembled to create a 3D model of the chart. pie_outline pie_grid pie_slices


Prototype Paper Pie Chart

Having a physical embodiment of the raw data means you can touch it, feel it, grope it; whatever helps you understand it.

I think I’ll leave it there for now; it’s late, I have an early train to catch and I’ve used the word grope.

Update: as I mention in the comments, you can get your own custom paper pie chart from here.