14 Dec 2009

I’ve had my orb sat beside my TV for over a year now and it has served its purpose very well. I’ve never got beyond using it to display my energy usage – or more specifically, to display when my energy usage is above ‘normal’. This has always felt a bit of waste; only using 2 colours out of the entire spectrum.

Over tea with Andy a few weeks ago, we managed to place our collective fingers on a basic problem with ambient orbs like this; whilst they may be capable of displaying any colour, the key thing is they can only display one colour at a time – they are a single channel of information.

For example, if I used blue to signify new messages for me on twitter, what should the orb do when my energy goes over 500 watts and someone has @knolleary’d me? The orb could alternate between the two colours, but that would feel too distracting for what is supposed to be an ambient device. A third colour could be defined for this combined state, but that wouldn’t scale very well.

This train of thought brought us to identify what it would take to have an ambient orb capable of displaying more than one piece of information at any time. When put like this, the answer is fairly obvious; have an orb that can glow more than one colour at any time. An evening of soldering later, here’s where I got to.

Multi-Channel Ambient Orb

The orb has three RGB leds in it that are individually controllable. When they all show the same colour, the orb is a solid colour, but when they are different, the orb displays multiple colours at once.

This one doesn’t use blinkm’s for the simple matter of cost – I found a supply of the leds on e-bay that got me 50 for £15 – although this does mean I need to implement fading between the colours.

The plan is to put a small controller in the base to drive all the leds – for now it’s plugged straight into an arduino.

  1. James TaylorDecember 15, 2009

    That’s one of the reasons I couldn’t resist buying the B&Q ambient orb kit. Still waiting for the TLC5940 to turn up from Farnell though… well, playing with home easy stuff instead rather than actaully waiting! One obvious idea I had was to use all three orbs in a traffic light arrangement to show how good/bad the travel news is in the morning, and a different selection of colours for ambient energy use, etc. Not quite sure how scalable that is either, but should be capable of at least a few channels of information.

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  3. nickDecember 17, 2009

    James, last time I was in B&Q, they were out of stock otherwise I would have got one to play with 🙂

  4. James TaylorDecember 17, 2009

    Doh, maybe I should have bought more than one!! 🙂

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