1 Jan 2012

I had a plan last year. The intention was there, but the execution was lacking. This year will be different.

Rather than some nebulous, but well intentioned, aphorism, here are some of things I intend to do this year in no particular order.

  • Flickr 366 – a photo a day. I’ve tried and failed this before; I think I set the bar too high wanting a year of high quality photos. So, here are my rules: (at least) one photo taken everyday. Uploaded to Flickr as and when I can – no point stressing over not being near my laptop or an Internet connection at 11:59pm. I’d rather favour photos from my ‘proper’ camera, but I also want to get used to spotting the opportunities that come from having my phone in my pocket. Instagram may not be on Android yet, but the Flickr app just about works reliably. Why 366? It’s a leap year.
  • Write more – I managed a paltry nine posts last year; not even one a month. I tend to write about the things I’ve made or done. I’m not sure I want to change that approach, which leads me to…
  • Make more – more codey things, more physical things, more thing things. Bits, Atoms and the pieces in between.

Hmmm, bit of a nebulous list there. Never mind.


  1. Dale LaneJanuary 3, 2012

    Yeah, I was a little disappointed when I saw on the wordpress annual report thing for my blog that I wrote 6 posts in 2011. Which is poor. (On the plus side, it makes your 9 look a bit better!)

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