21 Mar 2012

One of my plans for the year was to take photo everyday. I knew it would be a challenge as I spend most days at my desk in work. Trying to find a different, interesting photo everyday when I’m not visiting new places all the time meant opening my eyes to the everyday.

But it hasn’t really worked out like that. Looking through the photos to date, too many have been taken after 10pm as I’m heading to bed and needed to take a photo of something.

How else can I explain the photo of an orange?

Then last week, we were ill and although I dutifully took a photo each day, I didn’t get around to uploading them. Last night, sat in bed, I realised I hadn’t done that day’s photo.

All of these factors have resulted in my decision to stop the Flickr 366 project. It had become a chore and not fun.

I’m glad I tried and I’m sure I’ll try again in the future, but the 366:2012 set on Flickr is done.

  1. Graham WhiteMarch 22, 2012

    Running a full year is quite a challenge. I did a month a couple of years ago and was glad I didn’t decide to go on any longer than that so can completely understand how a year project might come up short. The month was a really interesting project for me and one I should repeat I think but I did it with a group of Flickr friends so didn’t feel like I was on my own either as there was a good community with lots of cross-commenting.

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