The low-code event-driven application development tool I created with Dave C-J.

Arduino client for MQTT

A client for doing simple publish/subscribe messaging with a server that supports MQTT v3.1.1, such as Mosquitto.

Beardy Dads

A year-long podcast with Roo about being a dad.

Power Graphs

Visualising energy usage at home.

DIY Ambient Orb

Turning my home-made orb, that lives beside my television and reacts to certain events, into a Thing

Maze-a-Day for Little Printer

A fun little publication for BERG’s sadly defunct Little Printer that generates a random maze every day.

Paper Graphs

My experiments on how graphs can be represented with paper - not on paper, but with paper.

Mind-Controlled Taxis

A few days spent wiring up a pair of taxis to be driven by mind-control, for BBC One’s Bang Goes The Theory.

Logic Gate Thing

A JavaScript library I created a long time ago to experiment with drag/drop and wiring UIs. This demo lets you can play with logic gates, wiring them up to explore how they work and how they can be combined.

New Zealand Twitterlogue

A record of our holiday in New Zealand which used twitter and google maps to plot our journey.

JavaScript Games

She Went of Her Own Accord

A collaboration with Roo, full of bad jokes. Sadly the site has been lost to the graveyard of expired domains and deleted databases.