7 Jul 2008

Having done tetris last week, I got a number of suggestions for improvements in the comments. Whilst I don’t rule out tackling them at some point, I had an itch to do something different. So I started the next project. Admittedly, this one has taken quiet a bit more time to do and it isn’t a finished end-to-end game like tetris is. But still, the concept is there and I could spend some more time on it or I could start the next project.

So, for still no reason in particular, I present to you JavaScript Mario. Enjoy.

  1. nickJuly 8, 2008

    I’m getting some weirdness between my desktop and laptop with this game.
    Works fine with FF3 on the laptop, but FF2 on the desktop is a bit wonky. Not sure if it’s FF2 or my desktop that is causing it.

    Let me know if you have any issues.

  2. kybJuly 8, 2008

    That’s pretty cool. What I’d really like to see is something massively multiplayer. I’ve been thinking about elite, using http://www.uselesspickles.com/triangles/demo.html 3d technique, and the free comet server from my work. But really, I suppose anything multiplayer is cool. Have you seen kdice?

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